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Many printer services are exposed by default with weak configurations. Ray Morgan Company is here to help your organization take back control.

Firmware, default configuration and driver vulnerabilities may place many organizations at risk. 

Over the past 12 months almost every major print device manufacturer has released security bulletins addressing vulnerabilities in device firmware or print drivers. These the impacts of these vulnerabilities range significantly in complexity and organizational impact.

At Ray Morgan Company we are actively working to reduce risk for our customers thru an early alert system, best practice print device management, advance firmware management and ongoing education.

Reduce risk and take by control of your environment by implementing these best practices:

#1. Join Our Security Alerts List
Patches are often released to meet new security challenges. We want to help our customers manage security vulnerabilities and updates by providing great communication. Please subscribe to the security alerts email/mailing list to the left.

#2. Best Practice - Network Segmentation
Consider setting up printer devices on their own Virtual Local Area Network (VLAN). Your organization can help reduce the impact of malware affected printers by implementing this technology. If you are unfamiliar with this practice or are looking for help in this area please contact our network project team. Get help with network segmentation here.

#3. Best Practice - Create a Plan to Manage Device Firmware
Personal printers are notoriously known for having out of date or unsupported firmware. In many cases these devices have known vulnerabilities. Ray Morgan Company can help by assessing your print devices. In many cases a simple scan will categorize your print fleet and identify vulnerable devices. Once vulnerable devices are confirmed implement a strategy to update the firmware or transition to a more secure device. Start your firmware assessment here.

#4. Best Practice - Determine Standards for Device Level Security
Some print and copy manufactures have implemented device level security features that manage firmware. Features such as auto firmware update, SIEM integration and auto firmware scanning may be an important feature to your organization. Discuss these feature with your Ray Morgan Company account manager to develop the appropriate strategy,

Ray Morgan Company's Cybersecurity Commitment

Should you encounter any difficulties implementing the steps above, please don’t
hesitate to contact your local Ray Morgan Company branch for further support. We recognize that in today’s business environment, we must provide the most comprehensive security. Talk to your local representative to learn how Ray Morgan Company is implementing advanced security solutions to help deal with new and developing security challenges.